Take Control of Your Cognitive Health

Cognivue is a simple, ten minute cognitive test that measures brain health and function. After the screening patients will receive a consultation with a pharmacist to review the results.

Cognitive impairment may occur as a result of a variety of causes and manageable underlying conditions related to but not limited to COVID-19 brain fog, cardiovascular and/or metabolic conditions, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, depression, chronic pain, post-concussion, post-stroke, multiple neurological conditions, vision and hearing impairment, or chronic conditions such as type-2 diabetes. Medications taken for these and related conditions deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals critical for healthy cognitive function. Cognitive impairment may also be a result of long-term poor lifestyle choices such as substance abuse, sedentarism, and unhealthy diets.

Early detection allows for early intervention and proper management. Come in today to see how we can help keep your brain healthy for the long term.

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