Superior Joint Support

Promotes pain and arthritis relief, promotes healthy cartilage, decreases inflammation, Strengthens tendons, ligaments, cartilage and relieves joint stiffness.

Diabetes Rx Support

Offsets common diabetic drug side effects, promotes health, and contains crystal-free Co-Q10, digestive enzymes, and multi-vitamin formula.

Detox (Liver, Kidney, and Colon)

Promotes healthy liver, eliminates toxins, alleviates constipation, cleanses toxins that lead to kidney stones and gallstones.

Superior Sleep Support

Helps fall asleep faster and stay asleep, improves quality of sleep to wake up refreshed and without grogginess.

Superior Women’s Multi-Vitamin

Promotes health, increases energy, supports healthy eyes, hair, skin and nails, improves memory and concentration, relieves menstrual cramps and supports the body’s natural hormone use.

Superior Probiotics

Contains 20 billion units per does, 6 different probiotic strains to promote upper and lower GI health, prebiotic 3% to help increase the effectiveness of probiotic strains.

Digestive Wellness

Enzyme blend to digest food and decrease constipation, gas, diarrhea and bloating.

Superior Men’s Multi-Vitamin

Promotes health, increases energy, promotes a flat belly by helping use testosterone, supports prostate health, and decreases ED.

Superior Prostate (with Beta Sterols)

Reduces nighttime bathroom trips, reduces pressure and frequent urination, promotes urine flow, decreases ED, and promotes a healthy prostate.

Clarity Support

Clarity Support is a high-quality blend of ingredients shown to promote healthy brain function while supporting memory, focus, attention, and recall.